Blood Angel

Blood Angel

Bernard Schaffer


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A detective and a manhunter team up against a madman in this “tense, fast, and excellent” series by the veteran cop and author of An Unsettled Grave (Lee Child, bestselling author of the Jack Reacher series).
Fifteen years ago, a deranged young man abducted a teenage girl in a parking lot. He chose her for her innocence. Then he punished her for her beauty. Then he dowsed her with gasoline and tried to purify her with fire. Det. Jacob Rein managed to stop the lunatic before it was too late. But now the girl who survived that horrible ordeal has been found dead of an apparent suicide. Near her body is a letter from “The Master”—a blood-chilling promise to finish what he started.
About to be released from the mental facility, The Master has chosen new objects of his twisted desire—all of whom are dear to Det. Carrie Santero. Carrie reaches out to Jacob, the one man who understands the depths of The Master’s psychosis. He knows that the only way to anticipate The Master’s next move is to enter his delusions, indulge his obsessions, and follow his lead to the very edge of madness.